A Whole Lott More

TJ Hawker, 30, has cerebral palsy and is deaf. Tim is a champion Boccia Ball player who has competed in three Paralympics. Wilda, TJ’s mom, remembers how Tim felt when he lost his previous job at a local hospital: “It was the only time I really saw him give up.”  While TJ would prefer to work in the wider community, he loves the computing-based job he has at Lott Industries.Watch a clip with TJ

Wanda Huber, 45, has Down’s Syndrome and Turner’s Syndrome.  After a lifetime living with her disabled sister and her late parents, Wanda is finally living on her own - thanks to her job at Lott Industries.  Wanda loves to be independent.  She is a ‘material handler’ and she plays supervisor to a group of twenty workers with severe disabilities.  Wanda is also Vice-President of a group that campaigns for workers' rights.Watch a clip with Wanda

Kevin Tyree, 19, has just graduated from high school.  He is entering the working world for the very first time. His autism gives him a very unique and often brilliant outlook on life.  Kevin can talk vividly about Greek mythology for instance.  But Kevin has struggled to get a job - his ideal job is stacking shelves at a grocery.  Working in the community is very important to Kevin and, even though his mom is a manager at Lott Industries, Kevin would prefer to work elsewhere.Watch a clip with Kevin