A Whole Lott More

Screening Package for "A Whole Lott More"

Screening Fee

Screening Package for

$ 250.00


This option allows you to host a screening of the award-winning documentary "A Whole Lott More".  It includes the following:

i) A master DVD or Blu-Ray of the film for screening (although with the permission to screen the film in public)

ii) Up to 3 additional DVDs of the film

iii) A set of stickers, infographics and educational worksheets about the film.  Ideal for universities, schools, community groups, churches and other venues.  100 of each are included.

iv) A pre-recorded personalized video message from the director of the film or, if schedules and technologies allow, a live 15 minute video Skype Q&A with the director following your screening.

v) Support on social media

We will do all we can to make your screening a success!