A Whole Lott More

The Actor’s Fund Arts Center
160 Schermerhorn St
Brooklyn, NY 11201

T: 718.640.1838

Brooklyn, NY

Mar 10
Reelabilities - Brooklyn Screening 7:00 PM

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A Whole Lott More

NY PREMIERE l Victor Buhler / USA / English / 83 min

More than 1200 workers with developmental disabilities work at Lott Industries, a car manufacturing company in Toledo, Ohio. But, as the auto industry declines in neighboring Detroit, Lott has been threatened with closure – and has only twelve months to reinvent and, hopefully, save itself. A Whole Lott More tracks this critical year for Lott from the perspectives of three unique and unforgettable people - Wanda, TJ and Kevin. In its portrayal of Lott’s potential demise, the film explores the narrow range of employment available to people with developmental disabilities and details the incredible contribution they can make in the working world when provided with the right support.

Introduction by Consulting Producer of "A Whole Lott More" - David Felsen