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Mar 7
One World Festival 5:30 PM

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Work” is the main theme of the 16th annual of the One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, which will be held from 3rd to 12th March in Prague and then in other 33 cities in the Czech Republic. The programme will be published in the mid of February.

One World is trying to draw attention to the fact that after several years of an economic crisis, employment as a source of livelihood has become a daily topic for an increasing number of people.

Work unites people because everybody deals with it – those who seek it, those who are afraid of losing it and those who have to spend too much time in it and are losing their private lives.

"Work is a major theme for all of us. In the future, the society will also be increasingly confronted with the fact that work is gradually disappearing from the world. Jobs and employment are shrinking," says the festival director, Hana Kulhánková.