A Whole Lott More

Rahlgasse 1

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Dec 2
United Nations Screening at Topkino 6:30 PM

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Panel discussion:

Magdalena Kern – Advocacy Officer, Licht für die Welt  

Janos Tisovszky – Director, United Nations Information Service (UNIS) Vienna (Moderator)


For decades Lott Industries in Toledo / Ohio competed successfully for auto industry contracts, employing 1200 workers with disabilities. With the collapse of the local auto industry in neighboring Detroit, Lott has struggled to keep its doors open. “A Whole Lott More” looks at the impact of Lott’s struggles and examines the wider world of employment options for people with disabilities.  The documentary focuses on three unforgettable individuals – each with a different attitude towards work and each with a different disability. The film showcases their incredible resilience and makes the case for greater employment opportunities for all. More information: www.awholelottmore.com


“Ciné-ONU Vienna” is part of a Europe-wide initiative of regular film screenings of UN related topics followed by podium discussions with invited guests who were part of the film making process or are experts in the topic covered by the film. The United Nations Information Service (UNIS) Vienna is honoured to have “Ciné-ONU Vienna” partner with this human world (THW) film festival and Topkino for the regular film screenings in Vienna. For more informat