A Whole Lott More

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Nov 18
United Nations Screening at Kings Place 7:30 PM

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he United Nations and BRITDOC present A Whole Lott More.

Disability. Employability. Everyone has the right to work – A Whole Lott More is the story of Kevin, TJ and Wanda, all with developmental disabilities.  For them, work is much more than just a monthly pay cheque.  It is a chance to be independent, to be included in society.

TJ and Wanda contemplate the future as the car part factory they work in faces closure, while Kevin sets out to join the working world for the first time.  Though set in Toledo, Ohio, the questions raised by the film have strong parallels with issues faced by the UK, where over a million disabled people who would like to work are currently unemployed.  Are we offering the right support?  Can we do more?

Followed by a Q&A with the director, Victor Buhler.