A Whole Lott More

Thanks to the following organizations for supporting our screenings

United Cerebral Palsy

"A Whole Lott More" and UCP have teamed up to organize a special screening in Washington DC hosted by Lawrence Carter-Long.  Take a look at photos from the event here.

The United Nations

The United Nations (Ciné Onu) have hosted two terrific screenings of "A Whole Lott More".  The first in London featured a terrific panel including British Paralympian Ade Adaptian.  Take a look at photos from the event here!

Community Living Toronto

Organized a terrific screening of “A Whole Lott More” at The Royal Cinema in Toronto.  Read an interview with director Victor Buhler here.

Eastern Michigan University

Have been partners since the beginning of production.   EMU screened of the film on their campus.   Business School professors Denise Tanguey and Mary Vielhaber have also written a case study of Lott Industries, soon to be available at the Harvard University Press.

Easter Seals Tri-State

Have been a key partner and have helped us with several fantastic screenings in the Cincinnati area.  Read their Spring 2014 newsletter here.


Have organized four screenings of ‘A Whole Lott More’ so far in New York and in Cincinnati.  Next up New Jersey and DC!  Watch an interview with director Victor Buhler at the NY Screening.

Help Foundation

Helped ‘A Whole Lott More’ make its Bay Area debut.  For more information please click here.

The Funding Network

Helped 'A Whole Lott More' raise funds for outreach.